Andrew Duncan Activity Centre

Scouts in Molesey are working with Surrey Search & Rescue (SurSAR) to build a community water activity centre and SurSAR training facility at Hurst Park.

We are excited to inform you that planning application 2018/0312 is now live:

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Consultation with the Environment Agency has led to a scheme that everybody can get behind. The facility:

  • Has no impact on the flood-plain
  • Adds to and extends the biodiversity of Hurst Park (backed by Surrey Wildlife Trust)
  • Is single storey, environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing and sympathetic to its suroundings

You can view the application here.

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Both SurSAR and the Scout Group believe that young people growing up in Molesey’s riverside community should understand how to use the river safely and that opportunities to get afloat should be readily available, including for those with disabilities and additional needs.  A stronger emphasis on the education of water-safety is required in Elmbridge.

Just some of the benefits to be provided:

  • Increased opportunities for young people in Molesey to get outdoors and experience the river in a safe and friendly environment.
  • A dedicated training facility for Surrey Search & Rescue and secure storage for their rescue equipment, ensuring they can continue their lifesaving work across Surrey.
  • Fully accessible and open to all – activities for those with disabilities and additional needs.
  • Improvements to flood resilience and biodiversity of Hurst Park.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and sensitive to the environment – eco-friendly green roof.
  • Natural England has confirmed that the development is not likely to significantly affect interest features for which they are notified.
  • The scheme is sound in arboricultural terms and the long term well-being of the retained trees can be safeguarded in a sustainable manner.
  • Surrey Wildlife Trust surveyed the site three times – all recommendations are included.
  • An increased number of opportunities for volunteering in Molesey, both in Scouting and with SurSAR.
  • An outstanding piece of community infrastructure.

The Scout Group has been without a waterside facility since the late 1990s after being evicted for gravel extraction by Thames Water at their site in the waterworks on Hurst Road been Molesey and Walton. This site has since been restored to a wetland nature reserve and so it’s not possible to return. This planning application follows several months of consultation with the commmunity and years of hard work by our volunteers.



This activity centre would be an enormous boost to our training capability as well as a base during future flooding.
James Rossell, SurSAR


Bear Grylls

Scouts have a fine tradition of adventures on the water and I’m proud that this is continuing. Let’s not forget what beautiful and inspiring places our rivers are, and the powerful effect they can have on us all. Rivers are amazing outdoor spaces and have huge potential to deliver social action.
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout