December 2017

Things slowed down in December, a very cold shed didnt make for a productive environment so we went to the pub for a belated “boat turn” drink.

Skiff Turned 15th November 2017

The Skiff has finally been turned, some 14 months after started the project. We wanted to put an epoxy coat on before turning but the weather turned cold, so we just turned.

The month has been spent scrapping off all the old expoxy and Andy has been making some lovely looking Breasthooks by laminating some of the material left over from the stems.


October 2017

October was all about attaching the keel  then sanding the side of the boat and getting it ready to be turned.

8th September 2017 Great River Race

St Ayles skiff wins the Great River Race!!!!!

Well done the crew of Felton Flyer who won the overall race with a time of 2 hours :32mins. Very quick. Although due to the use of non standard oars I understand they didnt win the St Ayles Trophy.

Great day out and also a great opportunity to see other St Ayles skiff. Many thanks to crew of boat 100 who rowed in the second St Ayles skiff built and provided quite a few tips about the build features they liked.

We had one scout rowing, (Well done Angus), and we already have half a crew “signed” up for next year. The full face results are here

We finished 306, which was our best time ever, despite having a few mishapes along the way and rowing with 3 oars for over half the race. First we “lost” the oar after being ambushed by buoy, then after getting it back, we then broke not one but both oarlocks for the stroke meaning we could row 3 oared . New oars definately helped, but they also showed up the weakness in the oarlocks. Great day out had by all.

May 2017

Well it’s been along time since our last build and Andy has made fantastic progress. I’ve added as many pictures as possible. Ive added the pictures in the months they have been taken.

26th April 2017

For most of us the buildng project has been disrupted by the school holidays with the scouts not meeting and families away. This evening was us getting back to meeting as group.

Andy (our very version of an army of elves) has been very busy and completed some fantastic work. Below our some pictures of the progress made.

Scouts put up the frames before we broke up for the holidays

Another view of th frames










We then went through a period of lining up all the frames. Every frame needed to be adjusted slightly, some with slight schimes under them to ensure when the hog was placed on the “top” it sat straight and square.

Notice the string is quite straight, bit more work was done.









The frames all glued up ready for mounting onto the moulds







After getting the moulds all lined up Andy then got the inner stem and the hog mounted.























The last pic for this session was just checking the number plate fitted..







At this stage the frames had been mounted and held in place but needed further adjustment. The frames have been epoxyed in this evening.

There has also been some work on scarfing the planks. Andy did quite a few rest cuts and wasnt happy with the initital results, but has resolved this repeat, Some of planking has waroed slowly, depsite being stored in a dry and flat space. We think this has happened as it’s been cut out the board.

We also cut out the Mast head, this is made from 12mm ply. It’s probably not thick enough, and the scale has been a bit of guess, but we’re quite pleased with the first version.

Cut out of our mast head








and placed on the ground next to the stem. Yes the picture is upside down!

Beavers learn about the Boat Build

This evening the Beavers were learning about boats and water safety so it seemed like the ideal opportunity to show them how a boat was constructed!

Beaver Scouts are the youngest members of the Scouting family aged between 6 and 8 years.