8th Feb 2017

We had the best turn out so far tonight, 4 adults and 2 scouts. Many hands make light work.

Build team

The jig the for stems has been finished. We used some leftover wood from the frame and a board that was used to protect the kit when it was delivered. Last week we seemed to spend ages discussing the springback allowance. After working out the exact expected movement we’ve ended up just “allowing for a bit”. The blocks just need to be taped now.

We started and finished taping up the moulds so they are now ready to take the frames.

Andy has built a frame so we can scarf the hogs and is half way through a frame for the planking.

We’ve got the epoxy in and also the clamps. The general consensus is the clamps won’t be up to the job so we’ll get some others.

Clamps that might not be up to the job!

The next jobs, will be gluing the frames and laminating them stems although the cold weather will put this hold. So its’ likely we will start to cut out the planks ready to be scarfed.

Next week is half term so no build taking place.