We’re building a boat!

After a few weeks of research, we’ve decided that we’re going to build a St. Ayles Skiff.

Handily, the St. Ayles Skiff comes as a kit and is suited for the “average DIYer”. The Scout Group doesn’t have a history of boat building and the St. Ayles skiff is generally regarded as a simple build so fingers crossed we can pull it off!

The St Ayles Skiff has four stationary rowing positions and room of a cox. It’s 22ft long and nearly 6ft wide but is very light (circa 160kg), this will allow it to be carried by the Scouts and make transportation easy.

The cost of the boat building kit will be met by external funding sources. It’s our aim that the project be entirely ‘self funding’.

We’ve already pulled together a small team of interested people and the plan is to meet twice a week at the Scout Hut for ‘build evenings’. Days are yet to be confirmed but initially we’re looking at Wednesdays, Fridays and Sunday mornings to fit around the current Scout activities.

It will be a fairly relaxed project and the idea is that people will be able to just dip in and out as they please.

We hope to start building stuff before October and be on the water in mid 2017 to allow plenty of time to practice for next year’s Great River Race!