St. Ayles Skiff

In October 2016 we started the build of a St. Ayles Skiff.

The St. Ayles Skiff is a four oared clinker built rowing boat with a design originally commissioned by the Scottish Fisheries Museum. The boat measures 22ft long and nearly 6ft wide but weighs very little (around 160kg). This will allow it to be carried by our young people and make transportation very easy.

This project has been made entirely possible with funding from Community Foundation for Surrey and Groundwork South East and we’re very excited that our boat is the first St. Ayles Skiff to be built for the River Thames and by a youth organisation.

The project is being led by a small team of interested people and our young people have been involved at every stage of the build.  This is a community project and involvement is not restricted to members of the Scout Group – all we need is enthusiasm!

We’ve installed a webcam in our workshop that captures an image every couple of minutes when the boat is being worked on. At the end of the project we’ll string these together to make an impressive time-lapse video.

We also have a build blog here.

Here’s a few snapshots from the camera: